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مقام امن و می بیغش و رفیق شفیق *** گرت مدام میسر شود زهی توفیق

یکشنبه 27 خرداد 1386 ساعت 13:05

FAMILY = ...

Do you know what is family?

Do you really understand what is behind the word family?

It gives me a shock when I know the answer.

So long I never realize I don't know the real

Meaning of family..........

Here Is The Answer ........... FAMILY =







WHY does a man want to have a WIFE? Because:





WHY does a woman want to have a HUSBAND?









Do you know that a simple "HELLO" can be a sweet one?

Especially from your love one. (I mean not only from the

The word HELLO means


(H)ow are you?

(E)verything all right?

(L)ike to hear from you

(L)ove to see you soon!

(O)bviously, I miss you

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